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The church building information management app

Our mission is to ensure your building serves and reflects you, and your mission


Let's get started!

for churches
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your church building in your pocket

Maintenance Plan and Log Book

Plan - Act - Record

Resource Library 

Discover - Learn - React

Heritage Network

Share - Explore - Inspire

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Cheribim [Recovered]

empowered by insight


Contact - React - Support

Resource Library 

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Heritage Network

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about our mission

Cheribim was established in 2021 to try and address the urgent and diverse needs faced by congregations as they returned to their church buildings after 18 months living on zoom!  

We know that church buildings can sometimes feel like a drain on resources and a distraction from the things which matter most - your people and your mission, however we believe that with access to the support and resources you need, all church buildings can be blessings.

Our mission is to ensure that church buildings reflect and support the mission of those they serve.

jobs & placements

we're always keen to hear from anyone interested in working with us, check out our opportunities page to see what's currently being advertised or get in touch if you'd just like to register your interest! 

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