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Lower your energy bills and accelerate your journey to Net Zero

Sensors are an easy and affordable way to monitor your historic building. They measure a range of factors from temperature and humidity, to light and CO2.

How it works

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let us know a bit about you and your building 

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we'll ship or deliver suitable sensors

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access your dashboard & see your data
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keep in touch with the team
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Sensors are an efficient and affordable way to monitor environmental data in your building.

  • They are small, lightweight, and non-invasive with no special fitting required

  • They are battery-powered with a life of 3-10 years

  • The sensors can be moved to different areas of the building to monitor different factors

  • They can be connected to the WiFi or their own gateway to ensure connectivity

CO2, Temperature & Humidity Sensor


Indoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Small Indoor Environment Sensor

SIM-enabled outdoor gateway

Standard Indoor Gateway

Using your dashboard


The data recorded by the sensors is then uploaded to your dashboard and can be accessed at any time with readings transmitted every 5-10 minutes


Dashboards have an easy-to-understand display with near-real time updates.

The data allows you to:

  • monitor the impact of your interventions - e.g. increased ventilation or changing your levels of heating

  • compare trends over time

  • compare your building to outside readings such as the temperature and humidity levels

  • spot anomalies in your data


How do sensors benefit me?

Are sensors right for me?

How do sensors work?

How much does it cost?

Will I need internet for the sensors?

Is sensor installation easy?

Are the sensors easy to maintain?

How often can I see the data?

How long will the sensors last?

Do you provide regular customer service?

Is this service available across the UK?

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