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Digital tool for Quinquennial Inspections

Quinquennial Inspection Reports (QIs) are at the heart of why Cheribim was founded. We want to make it easier for conservation architects and surveyors to communicate information from their inspections in a format which church custodians can understand, prioritise, and act on.


The tools we develop save people time and money, but most importantly they help make data-informed, truly collaborative conservation decisions to protect church buildings for the future.

From September 2023, we have partnered with digital experts at Sheffield Hallam University to develop software which will automate aspects of the inspection process, saving inspectors days of reporting time, enabling churches to plan and manage works more easily and, where applicable, creating summary insights across 100s of reports to inform regional and national stakeholders and church support providers.

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Wetton Church

Unlocking automation  for building conservation

  • Developing new tools to generate reports, prioritisation lists and more

  • Identifying keywords, patterns and trends to organise information

  • Evaluating a demonstration platform with and for inspectors

Submit your reports here

Are you a building surveyor or conservation architect?

Your support is invaluable to us and for the success of the project. We want to collect hundreds of example reports to inform the design and development process and will also need help to evaluate the tools we are developing.


You can contact us or submit reports via email to Or, provide anonymous feedback or give your consent for us to use reports you’ve authored or issued via the buttons below.

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