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Our Projects

2023 is a year of new and exciting opportunities for us here at Cheribim! Our work with IoT devices has opened up various avenues for us to explore in our work towards making information management and data insights for historic buildings easy and affordable.

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01- Diocese of Sheffield 

Fabric Performance Assessment


We are working on a unique project that will give us the opportunity to generate the information required to apply machine technology and AI to solving energy performance assessments at historical buildings. We have partnered with the Diocese of Sheffield to develop an innovate AI-enabled fabric performance assessment technique specifically for historic buildings. This technique will utilise a multitude of measurements and indicators to provide accurate ratings for best-case thermal performance, real-time thermal performance, and projected efficacy of retrofit solutions.

Click here to see more about our work with the Diocese of Sheffield.

02 - Sheffield Hallam University

AI for QI Reports

We have partnered with Sheffield Hallam University to explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to collate information about historic buildings from condition inspection reports. Typically, reporting on inspections and reviews can take up around 75% of a conservative architect's time - we want to develop tools which can make this process more efficient whilst supporting building custodians to manage their buildings and conservation works. Find out more, here.

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03 - Past Projects 

Fast Start Grant

During this project, we implemented Internet of Things - IoT - devices at historic buildings in order to test their ability to gather information that could be useful in inspections and reviews. This project demonstrated the value of technology solutions to heritage sites. From this project, our team learned to be more skilled with the IoT devices and throughout the process we developed stronger relationships with local organisations.

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