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About the project

Cheribim have partnered with the Diocese of Sheffield to explore new ways of assessing and managing the thermal performance of historic church buildings.


To do this, we’re collaborating with 100 historic churches to host environmental monitoring sensors in their buildings over a period of 18 months (including winter 2023 and winter 2024) to inform decisions on interventions which might reduce energy consumption.


We are working closely with churches to explore how the cost of heating church buildings can be reduced whilst increasing the levels of comfort for building users, delivering  this in an economically sustainable way and giving those who meet in and look after historic churches the tools they need to manage them as cost and energy efficiently as possible.

We want to hear from you!

Are you...

  • Involved with a church in the Diocese of Sheffield?

  • Worried about the cost of heating your building?

  • Experiencing thermal discomfort in your church building?

  • Forced to undertake costly repairs with no certainty they’ll fix the problem?

  • Eager to take steps along the path to Net Zero?

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Comfortable spaces for people


We’re keen to see if simple, low cost and sustainable changes can help make churches more comfortable for their people, not too cold in winter and not too hot in summer.  We want to ensure that churches can continue the amazing work they're doing to serve their communities through providing a suitable space for warmbanks, groups, foodbanks, and the congregation of the living church.

Low cost, low effort tools

  • Non-invasive sensors to track temperature and humidity in your building

  • Access to live dashboards to monitor your church in real time

  • A place to log heating patterns, attendance and levels of discomfort

  • The option to participate in workshops and one-to-one support to learn more about how your building's environment is behaving and why

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How to get involved

To register your interest in participating, please complete the form by clicking the button below - it should take less than 5 minutes!

Please note that this project is currently only open to churches within the Diocese of Sheffield and aimed firstly at pre-1919, solid- wall buildings.

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