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We've designed Cheribim with Churches' top priorities in mind - their worship and mission.

Cheribim is simple and easy to use - it keeps all the information you need in one place; it helpfully reminds you what routine tasks you can be doing each month to make sure that no major issues or headaches come out of the blue, and it makes the guidance you need easy to access and find (without annoying notifications!).

Reduce distractions from what's important - your mission and worship.
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How it works

Churches can sign up for Cheribim either via their organisation's Cheribim app or our independent Cheribim app. 

At present Cheribim is only available via our partner organisations so if you're not affiliated with one of them please sign up for our mailing list so we can notify you when the Cheribim app has been made available to everyone. 

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log book &
maintenance plan

manage your routine maintenance and repairs, keep track of one-off tasks and stay in touch and up-to-date with others 

stay in control

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find, bookmark and share guidance on upkeep and adaptation of your building, from retrofit to roof insulation, fundraising to fungus

stay informed

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heritage network

explore historic church buildings across the UK, share your experiences and things you've found helpful, connect with other churches with similar experience 

stay inspired

resource library

explore features
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We are committed to keeping Cheribim free for Churches and Explorers forever.

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To give you an idea of value:

Repairs left unattended cost up to 25% more to address - Cheribim helps you keep building headaches under wraps and avoid unexpected repair bills

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