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Cheribim allows organisations to access all of the information they need to support, advise and connect with their churches, as well as keeping track of this, at the touch of a button.

Collating all of the sources of information you use to get a picture of your Churches' circumstances in one, easy to use platform, Cheribim will help you get clear on your priorities, be strategic with your resources, and set ambitious goals! (2).gif
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How it works

We onboard new partners on a custom basis to ensure the platform meets your specific pricing, information and user needs. 


To get started just let us know you're thinking about transforming your church building support with one of our plans and we'll arrange a quick call to discuss your needs and provide a set up fee and subscription quote.

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Cheribim is currently available to organisations on the following basis:

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gives your churches free access to the app on an organisational basis

*no central users*


set up only

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free for all your churches and access to standard central user features including directory and content creation


set up, standard subscription

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cater the platform completely to your needs work closely with us to develop bespoke functions, features and exports  


set up, custom subscription


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We are committed to keeping Cheribim free for Churches and Explorers forever.

For organisations, set up and subscription pricing is based around the following:

  • the amount of information you would like to host on the platform

  • and number of central users you would like to host

To give you an idea of value:
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Using Cheribim guarantees time and energy spent supporting your churches will go further, so you can help more and be more proactive - all at a fraction of the cost of a Support Officer.   

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