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Use the Cheribim platform to stay compliant, save 100s of admin hours & keep teams, consultants and new personnel up to date

Insights from Cheribim help you :

  • manage inspections, tests and documentation

  • quickly log, search and retrieve key information

  • easily maintain complete, sharable records


Key Features


Works Management

what works are upcoming, due and undertaken

easy-to-use task and project planning & management 

who has done what, when, and why

fully digitised and linked inspection report, log book, & address book

current and historic contract details, quotes and costs

well-organised, searchable document & drawing upload & digitisation

Energy Management

maximise return from investment of budgets and carbon

with heating-to-use hours insights

improve comfort and reduce energy use

with insights on thermal performance

inform plans for your net zero transition

with sensors capturing rate of heat loss / gain



For Churches

Have confidence that your building is compliant and cost-effective, with insights based on comprehensive records.

replace spreadsheets of repair logs

with uncluttered, easy-to-use software you can learn in minutes

never search through boxes and filing cabinets again,

by digitising your historic faculty records, log books & reports​​​​​

induct volunteers and service providers effortlessly

with complete building records in your shared online workspace

For Regional Offices

Optimise your operations with instant insights.

percentage compliance

see who is up to date with legal requirements such as electrical testing & Quinquennial Inspection

best thermal performance  

see which buildings are heating up and cooling down quickest (sensor-enabled - read more)

current resource allocation  

see what support is going where and how much impact it is having

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